Very Vintage Christmas

Using vintage ornaments and decorations brings a unique set of challenges to the Christmas decorator.  Good challenges that stretch the decorators imagination and ingenuity in many ways. 

My very first Santa.   I remember where I bought it, when I bought it and who I was with when I bought it, and even remember the person who cashed me out.  A little shabby, very old and not cheap.  He still is my most expensive Santa and always gets pride of place.  I love this guy.  But one Santa does not a collection make, so what to do next?  A full display is the goal.

Challenge Number One, Toughest 


Isn't it always in the end about money?  Skiing though websites and Pinterest pages filled with glorious vintage ornaments, one would think it was easy to assemble an awesome vintage tree.  


Each one of those vintage darlings can cost a great deal of money.  What to do?  Ordinary people who love vintage come to a point where Ebay, vintage stores and antique shops are priced just out of sight. The little Scrooge on our shoulder says, no.  Not affordable. Bobby needs a new pair of sneakers, there are gifts to buy and a million other demands on our pocketbooks at Christmas. 

Challenge Number Two, Even Tougher


Who can't love it all!  I do.  But not being a person of wealth, had to realize while I can love it all, collecting it all is impossible.  So in the end  I made up a rule. Buy only what you love, that is the rule, very simple. And focus.  Focus, focus, focus. You can't love everything equally, so collect what you love the most.

For me, Santas rule. Plastic or funky, old or new I love all things Santa.  The Santas have multiplied over the years (stuff happens in those plastic tubs) with a variety of Santas ranging from vintage cardboard candy holders, to old plastic light ups.  I have quite a few, but not nearly enough for a tree.  

Challenge Number Three, Easiest

Mixing it up

Make it work by mixing it up.  Find those cute Santas at places like Walmart,  and bargain spots wherever you can find them.  Adding inexpensive ornaments can extend the cuteness to the entire tree and make those vintage Santas stand out even more than if you loaded up the tree with all vintage ornaments. Yes, that would be really, really cool, but how much is enough? 

Here are Santa hats from Walmart, vintage Santas, and plastic Santa Hats.  In combination with some vintage Santa candy holders and clip on candles, this showstopper of a tree becomes something attainable.

 So go forth and collect, but remember!  Focus!